Concepts and art assets for Stepstone Island– a fitness tracking, friend making, plant growing, island beautification game by Katie Pustolski.

Available for free on iOS over on the App Store!

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Various concepts made for VR and AR games Virtual Virtual Reality (2017) and Tendar (2018), developed by Tender Claws.

More info on these games can be found over at Tender Claws’ website.


Concepts and art assets made for an entry in the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 5. Made with the skilled folks at Scary Wizard Games, I’ll Kill the Last Alien is a reverse bullet-hell where getting only makes you stronger, but you have to try and kill no one!

Available for free over on!



Towards a New Sunrise (2016)
Concepts for Towards a New Sunrise– a city building, resource gathering game built on procedurally generated maps.